A new beginning for this blog

Hugo Static Website Engine Every now and then, you need to do some cleaning. Today it's my blog's turn!

I have been using WordPress for a while to manage my posts, and I decided it was time to use something more modern 😊: Hugo.

Hugo is a static site generator inspired by Jekyll and developed in Go. One of its biggest advantages is that it is incredibly fast to execute! 🚀

Why does this matter? Because my server is relatively lightweight, so having a super-fast generator like Hugo can make a big difference in terms of performance.

Self-hosting and Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Logo

Yes, I take the step of self-hosting. But I do not want to have a PC running 24/7 at home just for fun …

That works out well, because I always have a Raspberry Pi under my arm, so here we go: an ArchLinux, a Nginx server, and off we go!

And bonus: my Internet access box has USB ports, let’s use them to power the server.


A Raspberry Pi as a HTTP server
cheap to leave running continuously.
Arch Linux as an OS
easy to update in real-time, no major version jump to manage.
Hugo for page generation
based on Go, perfect for the Raspberry Pi because very fast (and as I practice the language, I can contribute to the code 😀)
Git for versioning

And here we go for the new website. By the way, the old content is still available and can be accessed through the “Archives” link of the menu.